30 January 2012

Fremantle Portrait Prize Website Goes Live Today

Twenty months of hard grind by a dedicated group is starting to see the fruits of their labour. The website went live today - special thanks to Peter Ramshaw and Abigail Harman.

Here's one of my first 'serious' portraits; my good mate Graham 'Wally' Walden at South Perth Zoo in 1960. Wally and I were both 16 at the time. I took the shot with my first ever camera - a Hanimex C35 that I worked all summer painting caravans to pay for - 24 pounds ten shillings. Worth every penny! Wally passed away last year but his memory lives on.

Let's all do out little bit about telling everyone about what is destined to become  Western Australia's most prestigious photography award - the Fremantle Portrait Prize.

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