19 April 2012

The Judges - Lyn Whitfield-King

The Fremantle Portrait Prize is fortunate to have Lyn Whitfield-King as one of its three judges. Lyn is Australia's first awarded Grand Master Photographer with six gold bars,  making her the most highy-awarded photographer in Australia. 

She hand crafts her black and white images in the dark room which brings her images a subtle elegance that is all too rare to find these days. Her many years of experience is evident in her digital work as well. Lyn Whitfield King is a true artist in her field, she captures the true essence of each moment and emotion, what she calls the soul of photography. 

Lyn is based in Perth, Western Australia and is willing to photograph anywhere in Australia and overseas. Lyn's signature style portrait images have won acclaim consistently at the Australian Professional Photography Awards over many years.

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