22 May 2012

Make Me Feel Special

Here's the first of a series of  Portrait Tips for the Fremantle Portrait Prize.

Imagine a sign on your subject's forehead that reads, 'Make Me Feel Special'.

Unlike landscape photography, with portraits we are dealing with real, live human beings; their hearts pumping; their blood flowing; their feelings sensitized. Yes, your subject actually has feelings!

Whether its your dear old granny who still bakes Anzacs, your 'stroppy' four-year old or the busker who should consider twice giving up his day job you need to make them feel special. Chances are they are far more interested in how YOU make them feel than what f stop or lens you are using. Fiddling with your camera's controls is guaranteed to turn them off.
Plan to look after your subject well, smile, be generous, make them feel special and shoot them like you really mean it!

Every day is a fresh start
Every person is unique
Every portrait is precious


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