22 June 2012

Kids being Kids

Do you remember the 'good old days' when Grandpa or Great Aunty Sybil would stand you with your brothers and sisters up against the picket fence. Grandpa made you stand straight as a soldier and you barely survived Great Aunt Sybil's spitty fingers as she flattened your hair.

Armed with their trusty Kodak Box brownie you were commanded to Stand still and say 'Cheese'. Way before the days of the Great Yellow Emperor thing were worse. Subjects were requested to stand against the wall as if waiting the firing squad. Heads were sometime put in head braces because exposure times were excruciatingly long - as long as two or three minutes. Just imagine smiling with your head clamped tight in brace.

Kids rarely stand dead still. let them run, jump and play. Be prepared to lose a lot of shots. capturing excitement, fun and the essence and innocence of childhood is what counts. Kids and water make a good mix. Its funny kids rarely feel cold in water, even on a winter's day. You know that the definition of a jumper: 'Something you wear when your granny feels cold'.

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