16 June 2012

Let the hands do the talking

The subject's face is by dar the most important feature of your portrait. In particular, the eyes are a critical component, often referred to as the 'windows of the soul'.

However, the subject's hands and arms are probably the next most important feature. In many portraits the face and hands are the two lightest parts of the image. As a portrait photographer keep a close and subtle eye on the subject's hands. Sometimes, tension and stress will be visible in the hands. If you see that, try techniques for relaxing them, by giving them something to do with their hands rather than just say 'Relax!'
    Borneo: Fuji S2 Pro 800ISO 1/60 f5.6 70-400mm Nikon set on 400mm

An astute portrait photographer will observe the natural body language of the subject and try to utilise that feature to add more of a  story to the image. Hands and arms can also be used to frame the face and act as leading lines.

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