01 June 2012

'Two Year' entry limit

The principal reason for the time limit is simply to keep the award open to as many photographers as possible. If there was no time limit the award would possibly be dominated by a small number of iconic images from  highly successful photographers. This could unintentionally place the majority of entries in a position of being  uncompetitive. It would also mean that when images were exhibited, most viewers would recognize the well-known iconic images, having seen them in a number of publications dating back over the decades. This may  provide a disincentive to many photographers entering in future years.

Most competitions have a time limit of one to two years on the entry. Also, many competitions restrict entry with further provisions. However, the Fremantle Portrait Prize has few other exclusions. Unlike other competitions you do not have to belong to a specific organization, you don’t need to subscribe to a magazine or become a member and there’s no restriction on the entrant’s age. Neither does the FPP distinguish between Amateur and Professional photographers. We embrace photographers from all walks of life from around the world and welcome their entries.

The aim of the Fremantle Portrait Prize is to grow the award significantly over the next decade striving for the highest standard of contemporary portrait photography. All profits from the Fremantle Portrait Prize are directed to charity (the Arthritis and Osteoporosis Foundation of WA) and we wish to keep the incentives as strong as possible for photographers to enter.

We hope that as many photographers as possible will take  the opportunity to enter the Fremantle Portrait Prize and support a most worthwhile charity.


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