22 July 2012

A New Slant

Geometry students know that the longest distance in  rectangle or square is across the diagonal. It stands to reason if you want to maximise the size of your subject in the frame, use the diagonal.

We've previously alluded to the particular advantages of shooting portraits in either 'Portrait' or 'Landscape' format. Some photographers refer to a 15 degree tilt when shooting as a Russian Tilt; designed to give more energy and dynamic appeal to the subjectWhen you go the whole way and use the diagonal you're really employing more like a 45 degree tilt.

(Fuji S3 Pro, 160 ISO, 1/125s @ f11, 12-24mm Nikon lens, single Elinchrom 100 flash.)

Another reason to use the diagonal is simply uniqueness. When judges are looking at several hundred images, half of which are 'Portrait' format and the other half are 'Landscape' format a 'Diagonal' print may just stand out from the crowd that little bit more. It simply puts a new slant on an old topic.

Enter your favourite Portrait in the Fremantle Portrait Prize by no later than the 1 August 2012 for your chance to win AU$5000 cash First Prize.

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