24 July 2012

Candid - Unaware

One of the most common types of travel portraits is the Candid Unaware. 
This is when the subject(s) is totally unaware that you are taking their photograph. They are not posing for you; you are not communicating with the subject is any way.

Photographers often use longer telephoto lenses for Candid Unaware shotsPersonally, I prefer a 50mm Prime Lens - its faster, sharper, smaller and lighter (in weight and on the hip pocket). Some street photographers work in the Candid Unaware mode, while others will approach their subject ever so fleetingly to create a connection.

Karnac Temple Egypt 2008; Fuji S5 Pro, 1/6000@f4, 50mm f1.4 Nikkor, 400ISO

Candid Unaware shots have the particular advantage of capturing like as it really is. The photographer is merely a recorder of events and is operating in a photo-journalistic framework. However, it may not be as innocent or objective as some would have us believe. By varying the camera height, choice of backgrounds, waiting for changes in light quality and facial expressions the photographer has the power to alter perceptions. With a little thought you can choose to make your subject either a hero or a villain.

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