31 July 2012

One Small Photograph of You

With a little over 24 hours left in the Fremantle Portrait Prize I was thinking what's this all about?
We have received 516 truly amazing images from Israel to Italy, Hungary to Bangladesh, London to New York plus a few dozen from Australia as well.
So what's it all about? How many stars in the skies? What is one third of infinity and does the light really go out when you close the fridge door?

For me, portrait photography is about relationships; its about communication; its about moments of kindness; its about recording a  split-second in history; its about love. I'm convinced that taking a photograph is an act of love.

And, if the love in your life disappears you still have that one small photograph.

Your last chance now to enter the 2012 Fremantle Portrait Prize. Even if you don't win the AU$5000 First Prize or the Pearl Bracelet from Cygnet Bay Pearls you may just win the heart of the one you love.

Listen to Ringo Starr  'Photograph'

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