01 July 2012

Portrait Tip - Playing with Light

The word Photograph has Greek origins and literally means Light writing or Writing with Light. many photographers become so concerned about their subject's appearance or about what shutter speed they are going to use they forget the most important element of all - LIGHT!

In this image of the farmer and his wife, my location was the shearing shed and my light source was side light through an open door. The light source is at right angle to the subject. However, the key element I attempted to achieve in this juxtaposed portrait was to invite the wife to step forward into the shaft of door light to make her the 'hero'. And to keep the husband in subdued light to maintain his 'villainous' image. It was just a matter of one step to achieve the lighting effect.

Some of the key elements to consider:
  1. Is there sufficient light to get a sharp image?
  2. Is the light modeling the face (light, shade, light, shade)
  3. Is the light stronger on the face than the background giving separation
  4. Have you matched light quality with subject? eg avoid harsh lighting on a baby
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