21 October 2012

Interesting visitors on Abigail Harman's watch

It was the last day of the two week show and among the 200 or so visitors we had some very special ones. A princess no less! Her parents didn't mind me photographing her which was great. A little later, I was amazed to see a cow peeking in...  yes you read correctly. Good thing I had my trusty X100 with me. Haha. The whole two weeks have been amazing with 3000 or so visitors coming through with friends of the Fremantle Portrait Prize generously volunteering their time to steward it. Arthritis & Osteoporosis WA are so happy with the large sum of money raised. There'll be more on that later once the final accounting has been done. It's been a pleasure to talk to so many interesting people, not only local photographers but also visitors from around the world. I have a feeling next year's competition will be even bigger and better with great sponsors on board. The Organising Committee will be meeting in a couple of weeks to see how things can be improved for next time and also to start the ball rolling for 2013.  So...  watch this space!  

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