11 April 2013

Out of the darkness

That small white light coming towards me may be a simple little engine with two carriages attached. But by the time it reaches on May 5 it could be more like an express train.

Its time to get your shots of adrenaline and dose up on ampules of creativity. The 2013 Fremantle International Portrait Prize with AU$5000 case first prize is almost upon us.

The FIPP is open to ALL photographers worldwide, whether you be amateur, professional, young or old, beginner or old pro. In 2013 you are invited to submit the very best portraits you have ever taken in your life. It matters not if the originals were shot on film or digital, or whether they have won another award or whether they were taken in 2013 or 1913. We simply are looking for the very best

See www.fremantleportraitprize.org.au

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