26 May 2013

Photo Tip No 11 - Costuming

To add some 'pizzaz' to your image, having your subject in dress up clothes and costumes can really work.

Whether it be kids or adults, a fancy dress party, a carnival or simply just for fun it all has the potential to add zip and colour and impact to the final image.

Within the community there are groups of people for whom costuming is an everyday part of their lives. Dancers and theatre performers are often a good source.

Anytime there is a parade, festival or street performer gives the photographer opportunities. In most cases the subjects are more than willing to pose for the cameras. A friend of mind recently visited Venice for the Carnivale, Hundreds of performers in exotic, extravagant costumes were delighted to pose.

Then there are the groups of people where uniforms area part of their everyday life - police, firefighters, nurses and butchers.

Occasionally I encourage a portrait subject to drop into a recycled clothing shop and find something unusual at a bargain price. Its simply amazing what can result.

In the above photograph I was shooting some middle eastern (belly dancers) at the opening of their new studio. The electricity wasn't connected so I used natural light flooding a in a large east-facing window. Never underestimate the value of available light.

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