21 May 2013

Portrait Tip No 10 - High Key

The High key effect is achieved by having large areas of white space and small areas that are black, That's it in a nutshell

If you want to be more pedantic you are shooting an image with idea of creating a large area of positive space. This means lots of highlights and even blown out highlights, where you have lost most or all highlight detail.

The areas of 'shadows' (the dark bits) should be relatively small. Typically, these dark areas may take in eyelashes, lips etc. Remember that if they are meant to be black they should be absolutely black.

Typically high key is useful with babies, young children and younger women. The High Key effect has  been used for fashion, cosmetics and advertising.

The image above was shot on a Nikon D700 1/5 sec @ f3.2 using a24-70mm zoom lens set on 26mm. ISO was 640.

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