13 May 2013

Portrait Tip No 9 - Break the Rules - Photograph people eating

The paparazzi love hunting celebrities and some celebrities love to be hunted. Celebrities enjoy exposure on the way up ... and on the way down. But rarely when they are on top.

If there is one thing that a celebrity dislikes - being photographed with spaghetti dangling out of their botoxed lips. If there's one thing that's going to distort regularity and distend those cheekbones its a mouthful of tucker.

But its quite OK to photograph ordinary folks like you and me chomping on a steak or fiddling with a frittata. And kids, well they are especially fair game.

               Nikon D700, 50mm f1.4 lens, 640ISO, 1/400 @ f4.5 Aperture Priority   Dale Neill © 2012

There can be some unreal, psychedelic interactions between kids and certain foods. Melting ice creams, fizzy drinks, chips, fairy floss, hot dogs and black licorice allsorts are all great, just to name a few. And the younger the kids the better it normally is.

So get along to your local food hall, fete are fair and catch the expressions in the annual FOOD V CHILD quests.

I walked into the Margaret River Bakery for coffee a little while back and saw these four teenagers sinking their fangs into these burger bombs. 'Keep eating' I said as i pulled my camera off my hip and fired off a couple of shots.

The 2013 Fremantle International Portrait Prize is a major, prestigious and ethical photographic award in Western Australia. With AU$5000 cash First Prize and a Nikon D800 for the runner up its also one of the most attractive competitions to enter. All profits go to the Arthritis and Osteoporosis Foundation of Western Australia.

Entries close on 8 July. www.fremantleportraitprize.org.au

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