11 May 2013

Portrait Tip No 8 - Recipe for Pineapple Angel Cake Portrait


Most photo chefs would love to bake a delicious Pineapple Angel  Cake Portrait  with superior colour, texture and atmosphere.

  • Girl preferably with long hair
  • Pink dress
  • Green door (with texture)
  • Breeze of at least 15 kts
  • One can Coca Cola (full strength)

I find I get better results with the Pinepapple Angel Cake in the morning rather than the afternoon when  the ingredients start to get tired. I usually allow the girl to drink the can of Coca Cola about 15-20 minutes before the shoot.
Then max the volume on your boom box; tracks of One Direction playing What Makes You Beautiful or One Thing.
I switch my Nikon D700 onto Custom setting 2 which simulates Fuji Velvia film (that puts the SAT into saturated).
I don't normally use a tripod for portraits because it puts a barrier between the chef and the oven. But the light in my 'kitchen' when a bit like the MCG on a gloomy winter's day.
I usually request a  15-20 kt wind to be blowing through the kitchen when I photograph long hair.
I leave the images on the sensor for about two hours to settle. Then I carefully remove the memory card and place it in a Dick Smith card reader. Mr Mac does the rest.
Your Pinepapple Angel Cake should be ready in less than a minute.

Your best portrait could win you AU$5000 cash First Prize or a Nikon D800 Second Prize in the Fremantle International Portrait Prize. Entries close on 8 July. All profits go to ths Arthritis and Osteoporosis Foundation of Western Australia.

For information and entry details please visit

Tech gumf: Nikon D700, 24-70 zoom set at 62mm, 200ISO, 1/400 @f2.8

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