15 June 2013

Photo Tip No 15 - Composite Images

We have received a few enquiries about the rules relating to composite images.

A composite image is one that has had other elements added to the original exposure. For example, a texture may have been added.

In the Fremantle International Portrait Prize a composite image is legal only if the entrant has personally shot each of the elements. In the case of a  texture layer, you can use it in your photograph if you actually shot the texture yourself. You are not permitted to simply find a texture on the internet.

A composite image could also have been created inside your camera by using the multiple-exposure facility (check your instruction manual).

If you become a finalist, the Fremantle International Portrait Prize may require you to send the RAW or ORIGINAL images for each of the elements in your image for verification.

The image shown here is a composite image with two elements.

  1. The photograph of the person in the building.
  2. The 'texture' is the subject's diary that I photographed and blended into the image.
In this hypothetical example, this image would be eligible because I actually photographed both components.

The Fremantle International Portrait prize offers more than AU$10,000 in prizes including a AU$5,000 cash First Prize and a Nikon D800 with 50mm lens as Second Prize. Entries close on 8 July 2013. For more information and entry details click HERE.

All proceeds from the Fremantle International Portrait Prize go to the Arthritis and Osteoporosis Foundation of Western Australia

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