16 June 2013

Five Things to add Punch to Portraits

1. Photograph two people instead of one
As soon as you introduce a second person into the frame you are not only photographing a second person but also the relationship between the two people. For example a grandfather and granddaughter.

2. Capture Emotion
Its relatively easy to photograph a posed person with a smile or a bland look on their face. However, if you can capture real joy, sorrow, anticipation or surprise these could add a powerful element to your image.

3. Capture Animation
Animated portraits develop a life of their own. One or two people reacting to a dog or cat may do it. Often a person's hidden personality will be revealed in the presence of a pet. Alternatively, it could be the reaction from a person to another element such as a vehicle or the reaction to an incident in sport.

4. Try using Monochrome
Colour is an extremely powerful tool in portraiture. However, in some cases, colour can also be b distraction. Consider treating your image as a monochrome.  You may find that shape and texture have more emphasis and the image impact increases.

5. Make sure Key Features are Sharp
Sharpness is a critical issue in portraiture. That doesn't mean that the entire image has to be pin-sharp. However, it usually requires the yes to be sharp along with any other critical features you are trying to emphasise. The viewer will always be drawn to the sharp areas of the image.

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