07 June 2013

Photo Tip No 12 - using natural filters

Photographers are aware of the wide range of filters that can be fitted to the front of a lens. UV, polarising, soft focus, split-screen and so on. With the advent of Photoshop and other software there is less demand for physical filters because many of the filter effects can be simulated digitally.

However, the vigilant photographer observes where filters exist in nature. These could be transparent items that are positioned between camera and subject. Windows, flyscreens and glass objects. Natural filters could also include atmospherics such as fog, pollution and smoke.

Natural filters will change the look of the image. In most cases natural filters will have a softening effect on the end result. In some portraits, the subject requires acute sharpness to enhance the nature of the subject. However, in others, exactly the opposite is required. A delicate soft subject will often be enhanced by a softer treatment.

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