07 June 2013

Photo Tip No 13 - Ten technical tips for competition entries

Technical Factors
  1. Make sure the image is sharp, especially the eyes
  2. Ensure correct exposure - with details in highlights and shadows
  3. Attain correct colour - based on a calibrated computer screen
  4. Avoid last minute entries - that's when mistakes creep in
  5. Avoid choosing images that have been seen everywhere
  6. Have original RAW or original JPEG images available for scrutiny
  7. Avoid over-compressing images so file sizes are too small
  8. NEVER oversharpen images - judges WILL notice
  9. Don't over-manipulate imgaes so they look as though they have been subjected to a 'MAC' attack
  10. If you have to upsize, ensure you click on 'bicubic smoother' in Photoshop

The Fremantle International Portrait Prize offers more than AU$10,000 in prizes including a AU$5000 cash first prize. Entries close on 8 July 2013. For more details and entry conditions click HERE.

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