04 July 2013

Inspirational thoughts on Portrait Images

If the image makes me laugh, or cry, or reminds me of falling in love I will probably like it.
If the image makes me proud of being a part of the human race or aghast at what a fellow human has done I respect and recognise the image for its contribution.
If the image is full of intrigue, is clever, has secrets hidden within the pixels then it will most likely fascinate me.
If the image tells the story of connection between two human beings or between a person and an animal I am warmed by the relationship.
If the image exudes sensuality it may captivate me.
If the images spurs me to take action then I am impressed with its power.
If the images captures a split-second in history that is a potential milestone I am in awe.
If the picture paints a story without using any words I want to 'read' the story.
If I believe the photograph is a work of art I will enjoy the insight into the author's creative soul.
If the image illustrates the innocence and spontaneity of childhood I will share the joy of the kids and the photographer.

However, if  I look at the image and feel nothing at all  ........
............. I will think 'next print please'.

Final entries for the 2013 Fremantle International Portrait Prize Monday 8 July midnight WST.
AU$10,000 in cash and prizes
All proceeds to the Arthritis and Osteoporosis Foundation of Western Australia
Click HERE for details.

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