27 July 2013

Judge Roger Garwood exposed

We asked Roger Garwood, one of the three FIPP 2013 judges to answer 20 questions so you could get to know him better.
Photo: Narayani Palmer

How do you take your
With a large dash of brandy in winter. A smaller dash in summer.

Your favourite colour socks? What are socks?

Your favourite camera? Whatever I have with me

What is your favourite thing
about Perth?
The road to Fremantle

Your favourite piece of
Melanie Safka singing Ruby Tuesday

Your favourite holiday
Tasty Express cafe every day

When you travel, what is the
one thing you never leave
home without?
A sense of excitement.

Is there anything that scares
Dale Neill asking me to judge a photo competition

What is your nickname? Depends how formal we're being but God will do for the moment.

What book are you currently
reading or (or read last)?
Biography of Somerset Maugham by Selena Hastings

If you could invite anyone in
the world to dinner as a
dinner guest, who would you
Not Somerset Maugham, anybody else would be fine, even Dale

If you were an animal, what
animal would you be?
My cats, they're spoilt rotten. So much so they invite me to dinner
with them - they get better food than me every day.

Is there one incident in
history (in your lifetime) that
sticks in your mind?
The day Neil Armstrong landed on the moon. I happened to be at the
bottom of Loch Ness so could not have been more diametrically
opposed to him.

What is the most dangerous
thing you have ever done?
Fill in a questionnaire

Your favourite item of
A Leica M6 - or silk underwear, preferably being worn by Melanie
Safka but not by me.

If you could photograph
anyone in the world, who
would you choose?
Not Dale Neill. I'd like to find the only person in the world who is
not on Face Book.

Who is your favourite
Any one of them who can walk the length of a footy ground without
being assisted by drugs.

Your favourite phone app? The one which tells me how much money is going out of my bank. I
think it's called 'Sleepless Night'

Your favourite ice cream
Rum and raisin - with lashings of rum, no raisins and no ice cream.

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