20 August 2015

Meet the 2015 Fremantle Portrait Prize Judges - Mark Greenland

Mark Greenland
Mark Greenland is well-known amateur photographer excelling in portraiture. His portrait images have won numerous awards. Mark is long-time, enthusiastic member of the Northern Exposure Camera Club (NEPG) and is also  a highly experienced and eloquent photographic judge. 

By day, Mark is a lawyer and runs his own law practice.  He is familiar with some of the technical and legal aspects of photography and photographic judging. Mark is a valued member of the judging team who have the challenging task of selecting winners in the 2015 Fremantle International Portrait Prize.

Whenever Mark is in a room with you know its not going to be a quiet evening.  One needs to be on guard as Mark's quick wit can easily leave you wondering what will happen next!. The sheer  exuberance  of photography and life is never far away when Mark Greenland is within flash distance.

Here are Mark's  answers to the questions I posed:

Mark as an Elinchrom flash model. photo: Dale Neill
FiPP:  What is your favourite overseas country/location? Why? 

Mark:  Avalon (the fabled isle to which King Arthur retired), because it would be mystical and spiritual, and free of marketing and electronic devices that don’t work.

FiPP:  Do you have a favourite sport/hobby/pastime? 

Mark: I’m fond of playing guitars, as long as I never find out how poorly I do it.

FiPP:  If you had the opportunity to do a portrait of anyone in the world (living) who would you choose? 

Mark:  I have not yet identified this person. He or she will be from a fallen race of dark hued kings and queens, and now is a victim of reduced circumstances in an uncaring white society. This could be your cleaner or ironing lady. Do you know the person I’m describing?

FiPP:  Besides your cameras and lenses what's the most essential thing you always carry on a  shoot. 

Mark: Batteries

FiPP: If you could speak to your 17 year old self, what photographic or life advice would you give yourself? 

Mark: Don’t give up so bloody easily! Also, not unrelated, take the time to look deeper than people’s faces.


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