14 June 2017

Ten Top Tips for Competition Portraits - No 2 - As Sharp as a Surgeon's Scalpel

'The eyes are the windows to the soul'

While you don't HAVE to have the eyes sparkling like the stars it sure helps to attract the judges' attention in competition.

Just think about the situation a moment.
Human subject - moving a little (or a lot)
Photographer, no tripod, swaying in the breeze.
In other words two moving targets.

That means you need a a few things happening for all the stars and moons to align.

  • Fast shutter speed - faster than 1/200 sec (or the focal length!)
  • Focusing between the colour and white of the eye
  • Focusing on the near side eye
  • catchlight in the eye
Entries to the 2017 Fremantle Portrait Prize are open to 10 August.


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