21 August 2017

Greg James - FIPP Judge 2017

One of the six independent judges for FIPP 2017 is acclaimed Fremantle-based sculptor, Greg James.  Greg  is a Western Australian artist with 30 years experience specialising in life size bronze figures. The studio, founded in 1987, is
currently in J-Shed, Fremantle. The Greg James Sculpture Gallery
displays Greg’s work and that of local artists and photographers.
"The essential inspiration for my work is people”

After completing the initial round of private judging Greg said:''I thoroughly enjoyed the experience; one of the most interesting projects I have ever attempted; I'm really looking forward to seeing the finalists'

An exhibition of 100 FIPP finalists from entries from 17 countries will be hung in the Moores Contemprarry Art Building in Fremantle from 22 October to 5 November.

10 August 2017

Five Top Portrait lenses

My heart misses a beat when I hear photographers say
'I just take the pic and blur the background in Photoshop'
Do they want to be photographers or graphic designers?
Besides, they waste countless hours sitting on their bot-bots in front of their screens.
But if you choose the right lens the results are superior and far quicker.

So what makes a really great portrait lens for a DSLR or mirrorless cameras?
There are probably three key elements for a great portrait lens:

  1. A very large aperture (f1.2, f1.4, f1,8)
  2. A focal length between 50mm and 135mm
  3. Quality glass producing irresistible bokeh
So here are my five top portrait lenses:
Nikkor 85mm f1.4

Tony Dunkley - Zimmers Apprentices on Nikkor 85mm f1.4
1. Nikon 85mm f/1.4
Superior portrait lens. High professional build. Solid feel and movement. The f1.4 lens effectively separates the subject from the background with absolute clarity. Fast focusing and magnificent bokeh. My favourite portrait lens!

2. Nikon 50mm f/1.4
The Nikon 50mm was my standard portrait lens for almost 20 years before I moved to the 85mm lens. Not as effective as the 85mm in separating subject from the background. But the 50mm lens is more versatile and can also be used for travel, group shots and landscapes. 

3. Sigma 85mm f/1.4 DG HSM
A remarkable lens from 'left field'. The Sigma 85mm is a member of the 'Art Series' lenses. Sigma lenses are heavier than Nikon, Canon, Tamron etc but have a quality build with superior optical performance.  The Sigma 85mm lens uses adapters to fit Nikon, Canon, Sony and Pentax DSLRs, and gives the equivalent of 127mm on APS-C 1.5X crop cameras.  

4. Nikon 135mm f/2
For many years the 135mm focal length was considered the 'perfect' focal length for portraiture. This focal length maintains the most distortion-free representation of facial perspective. It keeps the face the right shape. It also enables the photographer to work at a greater distance; could also double up as a short telephoto sports lens.

Jane on Nikkor 50mm f1.4 lens
5. Fujifilm 56mm f1.2
Fuji (Fujifilm) can justly claim to be leaders in the mirrorless camera brigade. Fujifilm cameras are more robust and have superior intuitive design logic than either Sony or Olympus.
And they produce one simply brilliant portrait lens in the 56mm f1.2. The Phoblographer claims "Fujifilm's 56mm f1.2 is the sharpest mirror less camera lens that we've tested. Not only that but it exhibits beautiful bokeh, pretty good colour rendition, almost no distortion, focuses quickly and is built well".


Win AU$5000 with your best portrait in the Fremantle International Portrait Prize/
AU$13500 prize pool.   fipp2017.org

E N T R I E S   C L O S E    F R I D A Y  1 1  A U G U S T   2017

06 August 2017

Fremantle (Valentines) Camera House - FIPP Sponsor

Valentines Camera House in Fremantle has been a long-time supporter and sponsor of FiPP.

Valentines Camera House premises in Market Street, Fremantle
Penny Valentine and her crew offer local people the best photographic equipment and service in WA. And, being part of the nationwide Camera House chain, you can always be sure of getting the very lowest prices at Valentines.
Located right in the middle of the bustling Fremantle CBD (83 Market Street), there’s no better place to pick up a photographic bargain – or pick the brains of the store’s knowledgeable staff.
Valentines Camera House have been good corporate citizens supporting the photographic community over many years.
FiPP urges all photographers to support our wonderful sponsors like Fremantle (Valentines) Camera House and the business, likewise, urges all its present and past customers to enter the 2017 FiPP competition.
All proceeds from FiPP go to the Arthritis and Osteoporosis Foundation of WA.

Get your entries in by midnight WST August 11, 2017

04 August 2017

The last weekend to enter FIPP 2017

Best Week of Your Life - just 7 days to enter the Photography Award the World is Coming to Love - fipp2017.org
Caught up with Richie Kuhaupt, Manager of Moores Contemporary Art Gallery in Freo, venue for the FIPP 2017 Exhibition 22 Oct-5 Nov. 

03 August 2017

Team Digital - FIPP Sponsor 2017

Team Digital are the experts in providing the latest in equipment and training for the professional photographer, photographic enthusiast, educational institutions and business.

The Team Digital building in Lord Street, Perth

Their highly-trained staff also specialise in Adobe training - including Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, Acrobat and Premier Pro Print - as well as website development and graphic design using the latest PC and Apple hardware.
The company offers all types of photographic equipment, including Canon, Nikon, Sigma, and much more.
Other technical equipment available at Team Digital includes studio lighting from Elinchrom and computing equipment from Apple, Eizo, Adobe, and Wacom.
The friendly staff also sell and support a huge range of Epson printers, and carry a large selection of different media for all your business needs.
Conveniently located at 268 Lord Street, Perth, Team Digital is only a few minutes drive from the CBD.
As a proud FiPP sponsor, Team Digital urges all of their customers to enter the 2017 FiPP competition.
All proceeds from FiPP go to the Arthritis and Osteoporosis Foundation of WA.

And be quick - as entries close on August 11, 2017

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CR Kennedy

CR Kennedy is Australia's foremost independent importer and distributor of photographic equipment.

CR Kennedy’s Port Melbourne premises

Founded in 1934 by Clement Robertson Kennedy, the company originally imported only photographic and optical products.
And such is its success that it is the oldest international distributor of Pentax cameras.
Since those early days, it has also expanded to become an icon of the surveying industry in Australia.
The company also specialises in a vast array of equipment for the construction, agriculture, mapping, mining and other spatial industries.
Indeed, by dollar value, CR Kennedy is the largest national importer and distributor of surveying equipment in Australia.
And with offices around Australia and New Zealand - CR Kennedy remains one of Australia's leading importers and distributors of surveillance equipment – including cameras, drones, encoders, lenses and monitors.
The Fremantle International Portrait Prize urges all photographers to support our wonderful sponsors like CR Kennedy, and the business, likewise, urges all its present and past customers to enter the 2017 FiPP competition.

All proceeds from FiPP go to the Arthritis and Osteoporosis Foundation of WA.

Entries close August 11, 2017

01 August 2017

Calogero’s 6162

Calogero’s 6162 restaurant has a proud history.
Arriving by boat from Sicily in the early 1960s, Calogero’s founders Carmela and Antonio Noto were married in 1969.
Chef Angelo Kali Andros ‘cooks up a storm’ 
Their first business venture was the Hampton Fruit Market in Fremantle, and a few years later the family moved to 320 South Terrace, South Fremantle to set up Calogero’s.
Over the next five decades Antonio and Carmela and their four sons have built a thriving family business, which is still going strong today.
Named in honour of their first-born son, Calogero’s 6162 offers a range of delicious home cooked food, fresh produce, groceries, coffee, cake and paninos.
It is also the perfect place to find gourmet ingredients for that special home cooked meal - or to enjoy Nonna’s delicious pasta or lasagne.
Antonio and Carmela retired in 2015 and their sons now continue the tradition of the family business.
Proud sponsors of the FiPP, the Calogero family have been good corporate citizens and Fremantle identities for the best part of 50 years.
FiPP urges all photographers to support our wonderful sponsors like Calogero’s 6162 - and the business also encourages all of its present and past customers to enter the 2017 FiPP competition.
All proceeds from the competition go to the Arthritis and Osteoporosis Foundation of WA.
Be quick though, and get your entries in by August 11, 2017.

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